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How to install ClockWorkMod Recovery in Xperia Arc S or Xperia devices.

ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) is a replacement recovery option for Android devices, made by Koushik "Koush" Dutta. It is based on the Android 2.1 (Eclair) recovery image. Features include Nandroid backup, adb shell, advanced options (ignore asserts and signature checks), and file browser for choosing update.zips

If you are using Xperia Arc S or any Xperia devices (rooted) you can install an app called X-Parts which is available for free in Play Store to install and set up CWM Recovery.

To install X-Parts, open play store app and search for "X-Parts". Once you find the app, install it.

Setting Up CWM using X-Parts in Xperia Devices (Must be Rooted).
  1. Go to application drawer (menu) and open X-Parts App.
  2. In the app screen, click "Install" tab.
  3. Tap "Install CWM". You must be connected to internet while performing this operation because X-Parts communicate with its server for a compatible version of CWM for your device. Binaries are directly downloaded and patched by the app.
  4. It may take a while depending on the speed of your mobile internet or Wifi.
Accessing CWM
  1. Switch off your device.
  2. Power on the device in the mean time repeatedly press back button or volume down button in your device.
  3. If everything was done properly, you will see a black screen saying CWM-based Recovery vX.X.X
Feel free to comment if you have questions.


  1. Xperia arc on latest 4.0.4 I did all what the guide says, but when i reboot no matter what i press phone continues to starts normally. What have i done wrong. I tried both pressing back and volume down buttons but nothing works. Help!!

    1. I hope you followed this step carefully.

      #3 Tap "Install CWM". You must be connected to internet while performing this operation because X-Parts communicate with its server for a compatible version of CWM for your device. Binaries are directly downloaded and patched by the app.

    2. Thanks for the prompt reply. I followed the instruction carefully, after that i even checked the permissions on the files that were put into the SD card by X-Parts. So i cannot figure out why my phone wont boot into recovery. After pressing the buttons at the start the phone still continues to boot normally.

    3. Is your device rooted? Your device has to be rooted for using this application.

    4. I finally managed to install CWM. It turns out that the latest version (V7) of x-parts does not install the other components that accompany the recovery tar file correctly for the latest versions of ics on the Xperia arc. This means that the the recovery file never starts on boot. I therefore used an older version of the app (V5) to install CWM and then replaced the recover tar file in system/bin with the newer version thus getting access to the newest CWM. I believe the developer knows of the bug and it only applies to very few firmwares. So your instructions were correct. Thanks for the help.

    5. Thanks for the information Kanha :)..

    6. Hello

      I did this then after reboot I just get the Sony logo. Can't enter recovery mode either.

    7. thanks Kanha & Aravind :)
      i got the same problem, but thanks to you guys, i could find the answer.

    8. Take a look at flashtool:

      If you can't get further then the sony logo it can restore your phone

    9. i used the xparts and booted but when i flashed the rom, the process aborted itself and now i my phone is stuck on the main (SONY) screen....please help!!
      (i wiped everything too before flashing the rom)

    10. Which ROM did you flash? Flashing custom roms will need third party kernals to be flashed to get it working. Let me know which rom you flash.


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